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changing version to

changing version to

fix slideshow behaviour (bean scope, JS, CSS)

change parameters for inputslider

RF-12550: Prevented doubling visits to TogglePanel children druing processDecodes, processValidations, and processUpdates calls

RF-12545: Made the updateActiveName method more robust

remove one layer of inclusion

add the use of parameters to inputNumberSlider

RF-12532: Now that we are no longer using visitTogglePanelItems to visit all children (see: RF-12540) I've re-instated the fix preventing visiting of non toggle panel items from visitTogglePanelItems

RF-12540: Replaced the visitTogglePanels call with a visitTree call in the processDecodes, processValidators, and processUpdates methods, to ensure non TogglePanelItem children get decoded, validated and updated.

RF-12532: Re-instated visit on non TogglePanelItem/Repeat children. Instead fixed the updateActiveName method of the CollapsiblePanel

RF-12542: use JavaScriptService for generating scripts in all switchable panels

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RF-12540: Changed to decode all SwitchType.client TogglePanelItems, instead of only SwitchType.client Tabs

RF-12541: Added a TogglePanelVisitException when retrieving dynamic TogglePanelItems from TogglePanels

RF-9527: polished dynamic switchable panels demo

RF-12513: extended dynamic tabPanel sample to include tab names

RF-12513: fixed the tab panel rendering with names

update POM (project.version ->

RF-9527: samples for dynamically generated switchable panels

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update POM (RF 4.2.3.Final)

fix call to object size

fix identity.hasRole call (3 arguments instead of 1)

add @Named annotation

disable lazy fetching if imageTags

delete unused JS method

change bean annotation to @ApplicationScoped

changing version to 4.2.3.Final

changing version to 4.2.3.Final

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RF-12360: Moved the onchange event fire to the encodeCsvValues method, rather than the onBlur event handler

comment out System.out.println()