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RF-12176: aligned push.js implementation with jquery-atmosphere.js changes

RF-12176: upgraded jquery-atmosphere.js to 1.0.0-beta1

RF-12176: changes due to changed implementation of MeteorServlet; refactored ServletConfigDefaultsWrapper to top-level class

RF-12176: Atmosphere upgrade - aligned with API changes

RF-12336: Upgrade jQuery to 1.7.2

RF-12335: Upgrade MyFaces to 2.1.8

RF-12334: Upgrade Mojarra to 2.1.7

RF-12334: compliancy with Mojarra 2.1.10

provided utility method jQuerySelector(FacesContext, UIComponent)

RF-12341: added hasFacet utility method to RenderKitUtils

RF-12328: Add jQuery and jQuerySelector EL functions

RF-11559: calendar - apply checkbox should be disabled when popup is unchecked

RF-11924: added @width to popupPanel in tree contextMenu sample

RF-12221: rich:orderingList: fix VDL-DOC of @listHeight, @maxListHeight, @minListHeight, @listWidth

RF-12221: rich:orderingList: fix VDL-DOC of @listHeight, @maxListHeight, @minListHeight, @listWidth

RF-12266: progressBar.ecss: removed text-color CSS property

RF-11976: used org.richfaces.* ELUtils instead of com.sun.faces.*

RF-12022: made UAgentInfo serializable

RF-12139: Remove deprecated javax.jms:jms dependency from BOM

RF-11853: Remove checkstyle-supressions.xml files

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RF-11960: removed SVN tagBase link from pom

RF-11836: Replace ${project.version} definitions in the poms with ${version.richfaces} property

RF-12249: fixed components after change of Boolean methods to get* getters

RF-12261: moved AjaxPropos to common-ui

RF-12261: copied description from javadoc to @Description attribute

RF-12317: two-phase compilation for CDK

RF-12232: added ForEachLoop object for looping through iterable, array or iterator with status

Custom JSF messages added for RF-11548

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input-demo: added richfaces-parent as parent to fix the deployment

Added class javadoc for meta-object related classes