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RF-12646: rich:focus demo exluced from mobile view

It will be excluded until it works on mobile environments properly.

RF-11382, RF-10154, RF-12611: Changed the UIDataAdaptor#requiresRowIteration to use the VisitHint.SKIP_ITERATION enum intorduced in JSF 2.1

RF-12644 Improve CoreUtils/JSEncoder performance by character escape improvement

RF-12145: refactored test from CoreUI to Core

RF-12145: refactored test from CoreUI to Core

RF-12145: look for executed component in non-rendered parts of tree

RF-12617: fixed tests for richfaces.js

added FaceletAssert#form to add resources directly to form

RF-12145: added test for a4j:commandButton which tests render and oncomplete after button is executed but not rendered at the end

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RF-12639: Disabled the resize listener during the intialize and updateLayout methods

RF-12623: Placeholder sets defaultLabel attribute for InplaceComponents

Placeholder: improved samples + added components from RF-12623

RF-12625: Placeholder: hide before jsf.ajax.request is processed and show right after

RF-12617: merged richfaces-jsf-event.js to richfaces.js

RF-12642, RF-12617: triggering form events ajaxbegin and ajaxbeforedomupdate; merged richfaces-jsf-event.js to richfaces.js

RF-12640: Focus samples facelets renamed

Renamed to comply camel case convention used for all other samples.

RF-12621: Placeholder: doesn't use selector attribute when it is empty

RF-10958: Message/-s: hide keepTransient attribute

RF-12634: Log: fixed writing debug in mode=console for IE

RF-12311: editor.ecss stylesheet can't be programatically accessed using getCSSRule from extendedDataTable.js

simlified Editor sample

improving clarity of resource-mapping-demo

RF-12287: Set the z-index values in dropdownmenu.ecss

RF-12633: added instructions for upgrading CKEditor

RF-12633: CKEditor upgraded to 3.6.5

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Arquillian profiles for containers renamed

aligned fundamental tests with latest Warp API

RF-11776 Add columnsOrder attribute to AbstractExtendedDataTable

RF-12514: Message/-s: fixed wrong detail message class in JavaScript impl

RF-12631: upgraded jQuery to 1.8.3