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changing version to 4.2.1.CR1

changing version to 4.2.1.CR1

changing version to 4.2.1.CR1

changing version to 4.2.1.CR1

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changing version to 4.2.1.CR1

RF-11948: EDT: fixed issue when no onready attribute provided

reverted rebel.xml generated in src/main/resources

RF-12109: Added doctype and html root to the welcomve page

RF-11948: Exposed the ready event as a facelet attribute

RF-10754: added sample to reproduce issue

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RF-11884, RF-10754: EDT horizontal scrolling feature rewritten

RF-12074: Removed the GAE reference from the sample description

RF-11977: Re-structured the fileupload javascript, removing shared prtototype state

RF-12093: allow ResourceServlet to serve any resource request

RF-12093: added sample for resource mapping feature

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RF-12072: Push: added subscribed event

RF-10968: Renamed the xml CDK attributes for the tree listeners

RF-12091: Added an @Attribute annotated getter for the scrollListener attribute

RF-7351: CSV - handle globalOnly in messages and notifyMessages

Components: add jrebel profile to allow rapid development

generate rebel.xml to src/main/resources to let it be grabbed by IDE

RF-12051: simplified push sample - removed subtopics

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RF-11996: Prevented the contextMenu click from triggering an EDT row selection if the row was already selected

RF-12083: Fixed broken tests

RF-11936: Added a selector filtering which DOM elements trigger the contextMenu

RF-12026: Added an instanceof object check before the layerX/Y removal

RF-11294: added console log mode for a4j:log

RF-11294: added console log mode for a4j:log

RF-11940: fixed jquery-atmosphere.js to work with Android phones * added query parameters check * disabled check for CORS support

RF-12043: Changed the empty icon containers to span elements