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RF-11465: Reverted the DemoNavigator and UserAgentProcessor back to SessionScoped

RF-11464: Removed usage of EL 2.2 features, to satisfy Tomcat 6

removed static-resources generation

added org.richfaces.ui:static-resources to BOM

RF-11450: editor and notify excluded from mobile demo

Merge branch 'feature/notifySamples' into develop

RF-11185: Showcase sample of rich:notify

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RF-11463: richfaces-jsf-event.js - when component is not placed in form, callHandler(form, 'ajaxsubmit') fails

Merge branch 'develop' of into develop

RF-11097 - styling cleanup and fixes

RF-11097 - fix scrolling and put showcase in Production mode

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RF-11450: Added mobileExclude attribute to the navigation.xml

Navigation - remove 'new' flag from dataTable sample; added 'new' flag to pickList, orderingList and editor

EditorBean - made Serializable

RF-11196: Showcase - add rich:editor sample

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Editor: fix impl when editor is not in any form + fix destroying of updateTextareaHandler

RF-11452: Showcase - release WARs does not contain static-resources

RF-11110: Push and CDI Events integration - modified Showcase sample

RF-11456: Push: wrongly handles attached a4j:ajax behavior when richfaces-jsf-event.js script is present

RF-11110: Push and CDI Events integration

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RF-11092: Added a tabindex attribute to autocomplete

RF-11286: Ported the roundFloat method from RichFaces 3

Pick List demo with f:selectItems, and no columns

RF-11073: Added a listHeight attribute to the fileUpload component

RF-11362 RF-11363: Created the showcase examples for the ordering and pick lists

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Some styling cleanup of the pick and ordering lists

RF-11373: Some examples using the column styleClass attribute

RF-11373: Refactored the column style class addition, and applied the same change to pick and ordering lists

RF-11373: Added the column style class to the list of css classes rendered for the autocomplete column

Added a dev-example for the clientFilterFunction