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changing version to 4.3.0.CR1

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changing version to 4.3.0.CR1

changing version to 4.3.0.CR1

changing version to 4.3.0.CR1

changing version to 4.3.0.CR1

updated release notes to include issues from re-spin

RF-12716: Simplified the VDL doc where the signature of MethodExpression attributes was over-specified

Created a a4j:ajax fundamental test

RF-12708: rich:jQuery: wront VDL documentation of selector attribute

RF-12705: a4j:outputPanel - removed layout=none from VDL doc

RF-12715: correction of searchForComponentRootOrReturn function

RF-12711: added sample for rich:jQuery EL function

marked components new in 4.3 in Demo navigation

RF-12709: trigger ajaxoncomplete on form for JSF ajax

RF-12712: upgraded Mojarra to 2.1.17 (JBoss version is still 2.1.16)

RF-12707: Added an overide applySelection parameter to the internal __selectDate method

RF-12703: fixed issue with default dragIndicator

updated Release Notes for CR1, M3 and M2

RF-12693: adding name attribute to all inputs in fileupload, inplaceInput, inplaceSelect, orderingList and pickList

removing mockgenerator-plugin dependency

tied on Warp 1.0.0.Alpha2, Graphene 2.0.0.Alpha3 and jsf-test 1.1.6

RF-12683: fixed inferring #useBuiltInSort() from sortBy attribute usage

fixed checkstyle violation

RF-12700: replacing hard-coded min/max constraints for deriving LongRangeValidator client-side messages with values inferred from actual implementation

RF-12701: upgraded pnotify plugin to 1.0.2

fixed RenderKitUtilsMocksTest which started to fail after removing mockgenerator

RF-12693: added a name attribute to button elements

RF-12699: upgrading to MyFaces 2.1.10

upgrading to jsf-test 1.1.5-SNAPSHOT

MockGenerator plugin was removed from CDK - replacing with Class Extensions equivalents