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* list pages refactored to use a template and composite component for links

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Dynamic resources prerenderer: added handling for static resource depedencies
* added a4j:region (two pages)

* css style of lines in header and attributes dynamically changing according to selected skin

Dynamic resources prerenderer: latest changes check-in
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Updates & fixes for dynamic resources handling
Restored standard skinning for richfaces-showcase
ignore working dirs
* index page refactored

* added ui:debug to application

* added component rich:jQuery

* added dependency on ui-misc to pom.xml

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Resources bug fixes & updates
Updated output-demo POM: renamed module from panels-demo
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Latest changes for resources prerenderer module
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* refactored because of changes in class SortOrder

added SeleniumLogging- and FailureLogging-TestListeners to suite configuration
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added background: white to body style (requires to take entire page screenshots)
Fixed compilation errors in core-ui
ignore working files in Mercurial
Refactoring script and template for popup panel
Marker resources discovery

Resources-related methods in ExternalContextImpl

dynamic-resources-prerenderer initial check-in
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mark working files as ignored
Toggle Panel bug fixing and code review
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