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* unnecessary imports removed

Committed updated DDM markup
* removed unnecessary imports


* toggle panel's sample improved

* added 29 tests for toggle panel

metamer:attributes made implicitly ajaxRendered
rich:dataTable - pre-automating component preparation (RFPL-912)
Removed DateTimeConverterTest
RF-9837: Server side support for seconds pattern was added.
Corrected diagnostic exception message in TreeRendererBase.java
Removed DeclarativeTreeModel strangely duplicated
RF-9856: Check for undefined value of year, month and day added.
RF-9871: JavaScript regular expression fixed.
add license headers
add toolbar demo navigation case
fix renderer, add toolbar to the config files, remove package-info
add toolbar sample
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remove toolbar from sandbox
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move from sandbox
fix rules
CODING IN PROGRESS - issue RF-9612: Create JSF 2.0 resource loading extension to dynamically add scripts and its dependencies.


RESOLVED - issue RF-9565: Optimize JavaScript utils


CODING IN PROGRESS - issue RF-9799: CSV code review


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