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RF-10214 inplaceSelect: select: popup appears in wrong place
https://issues.jboss.org/browse/RF-10219 dropDownMenu: need to make visual and behavior corrections. appearance and custor.
* added issue tracking information

Drop Down Menu developer demo update
CODING IN PROGRESS - issue RF-9797: CSV: make client code compatible with the current wiki document


RF-10175 Ajax: incorrect parsing of execute/render attribute
RF-10094 Inline default values: input components I
* sample for a4j:commandLink updated

* added 15 new tests for command link

* old tests refactored


validators and converter hash script rendering were added

validators and converters were moved to RichFaces.csv container


* sample for a4j:commandButton fixed

* added 8 new tests for command button

* refactoring of tests

rich:collapsibleSubTable - automated Scroller sample (RFPL-731)
fixed datascroller locators
rich:collapsibleSubTable - automated Facets sample (RFPL-731)
RF-9673: the problem is with wrong web.xml that comes from default profile instead of 'gae'. This problem is fixed.
* samples for spinner and slider fixed

RF-10214: horizontal scroll is fixed
* TestNG descriptor updated

* test names refactored


* added 23 tests for rich:menuGroup

rich:collapsibleSubTable - automated Simple sample (RFPL-731)
AbstractModel now extends ExtendedLocator + added ModelIterable to iterate though models by giving them root locators
fixed attributes and samples for collapsibleSubTable
RF-10101 select: disabled works wrong
RF-10215 HtmlDimensions: formatSize corrections
RF-10096 Inline default values: input components III
following changes in library (guard/guardInterlayed) + added support for select for many multiple choices
* fixed page title