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* tests and samples fixed because of renamed class and icon attributes

names correction + checkstyle fixes
ignoreDupResponse added to demo.
RF-10331 Collapsible panel: attribute headerControlClass ignored
RF-10054 Panels: attributes bypassUpdates and immediate ignored
RF-10102 AutoComplete: create design markup and icons/images for disabled mode
RF-8675 - Hover effect on buttons
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Added skin parameters for icons.
CODING IN PROGRESS - issue RF-10309: CSV: not working JSF validators.


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RF-10297: classes and icons are renamed
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https://issues.jboss.org/browse/RF-10163 inplaceSelect: showPopup js API works wrong with default label
Added disabled mode for the top group.
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* tests for toggle control fixed

* added/fixed tests for panels

* fixed test in rich:select

* refactoring and minor fixes

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rich:dropTarget - automated (RFPL-992)
RF-10208 Collapsible Sub Table Toggler - rename the attributes and markup semantically properly to collapsed/expanded
rich:dragSource - automated (RFPL-992)
rich:dragIndicator - covered simple sample (RFPL-992)
RF-10340: popupPanel is fixed
* minor fixes

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Added skin parameters.
Updated rich:calendar
update jsf-test to 1.0.6
RESOLVED - issue RF-10064: Finish rich:message HTML design