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RFPL-1498: Replaced use of the a4j:form with h:form
RFPL-1495: removed the form element from another popup example
RFPL-1490: Fixed the org.richfaces.fileUpload.maxRequestSize context-param in the docs
RFPL-1732: Fixed the appearance docs for the collapsible panel
RFPL-1495: Removed the form element from the popupPanel example
RFPL-1495: Updated the popupPanel documentation, with details of embedding a form, or attaching to an exsiting form's DOM element
RFPL-1433: Added a TreeNodeImpl extension to the basic tree example
RFPL-1443: Replaced rich:datascroller use with rich:dataScroller
RFPL-1496: Replaced rich:toolTip use with rich:tooltip in the examples
RFPL-1496: Replaced rich:toolTip use with rich:tooltip
RFPL-1497: Removed selectionType=server from tree section of docs
RFPL-1731: Replaced use of breakBefore with breakRowBefore
Removed the *.iml ignore pattern added in the last commit
RFPL-1435: incremented JDK requirement from 1.6 to 6
RFPL-1580: added documentation for rich:notifyStack
RFPL-1580: added documentation for rich:notifyMessage/-s
RFPL-1580: rich:notify documentation
RFPL-1233: add tests for filtering into autocomplete
RFPL-1233: add tests for filtering into autocomplete
RFPL-1233: remove filterFunction attribute from AutocompleteAttributes
RFPL-1233: update access permissions
RFPL-1233: add client filtering example into autocomplete
RFPL-1233: remove filter function from bean

Seems that filterFunction on autocomplete component was mistake. There is only clientFilterFunction and autocompleteMethod, and no another method on backing bean is needed. So remove this function from my beam as it has no reason

RFPL-1233: add filtering example page into list.xhtml
RFPL-1233: add filtering example for autocomplete
RFPL-1633: add filterMethod into RichAutocompletebean

This function is not working right now, since it is not know how this function should looks like and it is not working at all since is overriden by clientFilterFunction attribute in component rendered.

RFPL-1545: add test for autocomplete with @fetchValue
RFPL-1545: remove @fetchValue and @var from autocomplete basic example

This was necessary step since casused unreliable behavior on autocomplete (after value update in any attribute, which causes page rerender, autocomplete was no longer able update value typed/selected in output. @var and @fetchValue attributes are used in second example (fetchValueAttr.xhtml), so they are really not necessary here.

rfpl-1545: add input cleaning before all new test method

There were seen some values entered in previous test and inpacting init state for next tests. May be it was caused some changes in autocomplete tests or by behavior change in selenium, not sure, but seems to me to be important to fix it at least this way.

RFPL-1574: initial rich:editor documentation