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logging changed to debug

test for rich:tabPanel fixed

test for attribute popupWidth of rich:dropDownMenu fixed

tests for rich:validator moved to 4.Future

RFPL-870: add dataScroller tests for JS API

Buttons with JS API functions bound to dataScroller doesn't belongs to dataScroller attributes, but they are placed on simple page with dataScroller. Beacause of this are covered by TestCase for dataScroller attributes.

RFPL-870: add dataScroller test for move one step

Add test for move forward by stepForward button 2 times, then move backward by stepBack button 2 times.

Add clickNext and clickBack routine to dataScroller model.

Fixed immediate attribute visibility.
Support for immediate attribute and fix to rendering children other then columns.
tests for a4j:push disabled

[maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
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[maven-release-plugin] copy for tag 4.1.0.CR1
[maven-release-plugin] prepare release 4.1.0.CR1
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Rolled back the 4.1.0.CR1 release:prepare
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tests for rich:list with scroller fixed

[maven-release-plugin] prepare release 4.1.0.CR1
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fixed formatting of jquery.ui.sortable.js
Applied Pavol's corrections to the dev guide
RFPL-1477: renamed a4j:form to h:form
RFPL-1844: Migration Guide: wrong list of project artifacts for installation - refered to Developer Guide
RFPL-1857: Document third-party dependencies for non-maven based projects
Remove .gitignore from svn repo. This file shouldn't be pushed into git public repo as well.

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Created dashboard sandbox component.
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  1. /sandbox/trunk/ui/dashboard/demo/src/main
  2. /sandbox/trunk/ui/dashboard/demo/src/main/java
  3. /sandbox/trunk/ui/dashboard/demo/src/main/java/org
  4. /sandbox/trunk/ui/dashboard/demo/src/main/resources
  5. … 36 more files in changeset.
rich:editor: change way to retrieve @style value

Found that there is another way how to retrieve @style value in richfaces-selenium lib. Changed test to use this prefered way.

RFPL-1738: tests for attributes (rich:dataScroller)
Grammar cleanup of the notify component documentation
Grammar cleanup of the editor component documentation
Grammar cleanup of the push component documentation
test for rich:autocomplete fixed

tests for a4j:status fixed

test for rich:columnGroup fixed