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RF-10747: columnGroup for header and footer facets is fixed. Verified by Konstantin Mishin.

RF-10692 Inplace Select with controls - rendered wrong - reviewed by Pavel Yaschenko

RF-10712 Refactoring Listeners classes, methods and Event names according to standard JSF convention. [WAS processUpload vs. processFileUpload - naming conventions] - reviewed by Gleb Galkin

  1. … 18 more files in changeset. inplaces stlying attributes to be changed . Reviewed by Gleb Galkin.

RF-10231: fixed JS exception with removing DOM element. Verified by Alex Kolonitsky. Reviewed by Nick Belaevski

RF-10737: rowKeyConverter is fixed for iteration components, a4j:repeat. CollapsibleSubTable cannot be fixed right now, so new issue is created. Verified by Nick Belaevskiю

RF-10679 Reviewer: Nick Belaevski

RF-10717 Reviewer: Nick Belaevski

RF-10684 Reviewer: Nick Belaevski

RF-10683 Reviewer: Nick Belaevski Reviewed by Nick Belaevski Reviewed by Nick Belaevski

RF-10699 inplaceInput : controls are below the input - reviewed by Konstantin Mishin

Legacy XCSS files removed Reviewed by Ilya

RF-10221: RichFaces.ui.PopupPanel.showPopupPanel and RichFaces.ui.PopupPanel.hidePopupPanel are fixed. Verified by Anton Belevich.

RESOLVED - issue RF-10732: Discussed with Nick.

RESOLVED - issue RF-10719: Validation: several javascript files not found Discussed with Nick.

CODING IN PROGRESS - issue RF-10370: messages: encoded as single line sent to review by Ilya Shaikovsky

RF-10711 css: dataTable review and updates - reviewed by Konstantin Mishin

RF-10727 tables: rowClass works only defined as string - reviewed by Konstantin Mishin

RF-10688: padding for drop down menu disabled label is fixed. Verified by Anton Belevich. Reviewed by Nick Belaevski

RF-10640: shadow of popupPanel is fixed. Verified by Anton Belevich.

RF-10685 Reviewer: Nick Belaevski