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RF-13647: fix NPE in RF-13018

RF-13592: reset the lastMessageNumber when the RichFaces.Push#disconnect function is invoked.

RF-13478: Fixed the vdl issues

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RF-13559: backport RF-13018

RF-13208: Push: make message transport format a valid XML

RF-13314: fixes + leftovers after deprecation of reslibs

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RF-13314: expanded base-component.reslib resource library to particular resource dependencies

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RF-13314: expanded ajax.reslib resource library to particular resource

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RF-13310: aligned with API changes after Arquillian extensions upgrade

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RF-13277: upgrade Atmosphere to 1.0.18

refactor module structure (parent, common, a4j, rich)

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removing jquery-atmosphere.js - leave just the one in RF5

RF-13186: use RendererBase and RendererUtils from RF5 Core

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RF-13189: Removed trailing whitespace from the 1.0.17 version of jquery-atmosphere.js

RF-13189: Replaced jquery-atmosphere.js with the 1.0.17 version

fix conflicts in Javascript sources

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RF-13936, RF-13147: use jQuery in non-conflicting way and rename all closures using RichFaces to rf

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fixing dependency structure + removing BehaviorStack et all (delegating to RF5) + let UI Core tests pass

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RF-13136: a4j:log: use 'debug' level when unknown log level configured

update references to RF5

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RF-13137: a4j:log - fix attribute description and implement option processing defensively

RF-13136: a4j:log: take log level into consideration when mode=console

RF-13125: a4j:log - propagate the message from jsf.js#sendError

RF-13038: Added the tabindex attribute to CommandLink and CommandButton

RF-12843: normaline line endings to unix

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RF-12846: Added the Accesskey interface, and changed the commandButton and commandLink to implement that interface

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RF-12512: Created fundamental tests

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RF-12810: introduced profiles for verification of fundamental tests on Tomcat 6 and 7, TomEE 1.5 and GlassFish 3.1

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support for switching RF version to all module deployments

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