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RF-13616: Replaced the scrollbar height cacluclation with a cache of the shadow/scroller height difference

RF-13616: Dynamically calculated the scrollbar height used in the popupPanel height calculation

RF-13629: Prevented width and height resets when the popup is moved and not resized

RF-13629: Applied the same changes to the height handling as were applied to the width handling in RF-13616

RF-13616: Fixed the popupPanel implementation to respond to resize events of it's contents, and to respect minWidth and maxWidth values when autosizing

RF-13616: Changed the togglePanel to trigger a resize event when it's contents are toggled

Revert "RF-13616: Skipped the width calculation in the doResizeOrMove function when options.autosized is true"

This reverts commit 32fa85ffc84e37154fa7efef3a9645617a75f7ee.

RF-13616: Skipped the width calculation in the doResizeOrMove function when options.autosized is true

RF-13478: Fixed the vdl issues

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RF-11417: Fixed checkstyle issues

RF-13613: fix contextMenu showEvent

RF-11736: fix popupPanel positioning

RF-11417: Made the abstract toggle panel broadcast events to active children. Immediate attribute functionality remains. Action is invoked in the necessary phase.

RF-13239: Corrected the quotes in rf-pp-hdr CSS rule

RF-13358: Prevented panelMenuGroup expansion in ajax mode

RF-11973: Added a rich:ready listener to the context menu to re-attach it to the table when the table fires its rich:ready event

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RF-13239: Fixed the background CSS property for the rf-pp-hdr class

RF-13455: Reverted the change introduced to the RenderExtendedVisitContext in RF-13107, and instead overrode the various toggle panel item visitTree methods to achieve the desired result.

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RF-13314: expanded base-component.reslib resource library to particular resource dependencies

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RF-13314: expanded ajax.reslib resource library to particular resource

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RF-13358: Checked that the menu item's parent group or menu was not disabled before decoding

RF-12813: Disabled the renderer decode for disabled panelmenu items

RF-13310: aligned with API changes after Arquillian extensions upgrade

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fixes issue RF-13172

Moving Output module sources to API/UI modules

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RF-13186: use RendererBase and RendererUtils from RF5 Core

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fix conflicts in Javascript sources

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RF-13936, RF-13147: use jQuery in non-conflicting way and rename all closures using RichFaces to rf

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RF-13930: RF5 renamed RichFaces.$ to RichFaces.component

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final changes to let the whole build pass

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