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RF-12813: Disabled the renderer decode for disabled panelmenu items

RF-13310: aligned with API changes after Arquillian extensions upgrade

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fixes issue RF-13172

Moving Output module sources to API/UI modules

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RF-13186: use RendererBase and RendererUtils from RF5 Core

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fix conflicts in Javascript sources

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RF-13936, RF-13147: use jQuery in non-conflicting way and rename all closures using RichFaces to rf

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RF-13930: RF5 renamed RichFaces.$ to RichFaces.component

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final changes to let the whole build pass

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fixing UI Iteration

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fixing UI Output

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RF-13140: PopupPanel - hide @keepVisualState and @visualOptions since they are not fully implemented

RF-13107: use VisitChildrenRejectable interface to prevent search for ajaxRendered components in inactive subtrees

RF-11275: Added an omitted setting of the shadow height in the show method

RF-12989: Updated the vdldoc of the name attribute indicating the clientId will be used as a default value

RF-12989: Added a togglePanel test

Moved the tabPanel tests to the components package

update references to RF5

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RF-13087, RF-13010: Original fix, now including a parent popupPanel check

RF-13087, RF-13010: Fixes corner cases missed in the original fix of RF-12850

RF-12969: Prevented the entire TabPanel from being rendered when the 0th tab is clicked. Prevented a duplicate encoding of the active tab in partial requests.

RF-12969: Implemented test assering a javascript error is not thrown when clicking on an active tab

RF-12958: scaled back the aggressivenes of the fix for RF-12850

Cleaned up the Static and Dynamic Tab tests.

Refactored the c:forEach and a4j:repeat dynamic tab panel tests to share common test code

Aligned the Tab framework tests

Renamed the Tab framework tests, moving the RF issue number to a comment in the class

RF-12513: Fixed changing tabs with names, while preserving the ajax events for RF-12839

RF-12839: Undid breaking changes from earlier commits, and from RF-12513

RF-18239: Removed the ajax event attributes from togglepanel items, and implemented a framework test for tabpanel ajax events