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RF-12693: added a name attribute to button elements

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RF-12671: Added UIRepeat to the allowed visits for processing of decodes, validations and updates

RF-12287: Set the z-index values in dropdownmenu.ecss

RF-12574: bound AccordionItem#fitToHeight to javascriptServiceComplete event

RF-12550: Prevented doubling visits to TogglePanel children druing processDecodes, processValidations, and processUpdates calls

RF-12545: Made the updateActiveName method more robust

RF-12545: Changes to NamedTogglePanel to make it dynamic item safe

RF-12545: introduced NamedTogglePanel which determines active table when taking disabled tabs into consideration

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RF-12532: Now that we are no longer using visitTogglePanelItems to visit all children (see: RF-12540) I've re-instated the fix preventing visiting of non toggle panel items from visitTogglePanelItems

RF-12540: Replaced the visitTogglePanels call with a visitTree call in the processDecodes, processValidators, and processUpdates methods, to ensure non TogglePanelItem children get decoded, validated and updated.

RF-12532: Re-instated visit on non TogglePanelItem/Repeat children. Instead fixed the updateActiveName method of the CollapsiblePanel

RF-12542: use JavaScriptService for generating scripts in all switchable panels

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RF-12540: Changed to decode all SwitchType.client TogglePanelItems, instead of only SwitchType.client Tabs

RF-12541: Added a TogglePanelVisitException when retrieving dynamic TogglePanelItems from TogglePanels

RF-12513: fixed the tab panel rendering with names

RF-12005: added description to tree/panel event listeners

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RF-12532: Prevented visit of non TogglePanelItem/Repeat children

RF-9443: Fixed problem changing tabs

RF-12513: determined submitted tab panel based on clientId instead of name

RF-9443: Fixed the tab tests the broken when arj:repeat support was added for dynamic tabs

RF-9443: initial support for a4j:repeat nested in Toggle Panels

RF-9443: initial support for a4j:repeat nested in Toggle Panels

RF-12476 Fix image resource names

RF-12476 Fix image resource names

menugroup - fixed expression in iconFacet

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RF-11618: xmlunit tests ignores differences in IDs/names (but checks they are consistent) + ignores difference when no value attribute is provided and when it is provided but empty

RF-12266: progressBar.ecss: removed text-color CSS property

RF-12249: fixed components after change of Boolean methods to get* getters

RF-12261: moved AjaxPropos to common-ui

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RF-10980 tabindex for modal panel children