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changing version to 4.3.0-SNAPSHOT to support git-flow (minor releases as hot-fixes)

Merge branch 'release/4.2.0.Final' into develop

changing development version from 4.3.0-SNAPSHOT to 4.2.1-SNAPSHOT

changing version back to develop: 4.2.1-SNAPSHOT

Merge branch 'release/4.2.0.Final'

bumping to new development version: 4.3.0-SNAPSHOT

changing version to 4.2.0.Final

changing versions back to development: 4.2.0-SNAPSHOT

Merge branch 'release/4.2.0.CR1' into develop

Merge branch 'release/4.2.0.CR1'

bumped project version to 4.2.0.CR1

changed richfaces-parent version to 12

RF-11922: Removed broken a4j:actionListener example


Changed jsf libraries to provided scope for jboss profile

RF-11834: changed backing beans to be @RequestScoped


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RF-11911: Changes to the dev-example to match the API changes of the component

reflect latest changes to JMS configuration

Merge branch 'feature/contextMenu' into develop

RF-10197: Removed the label facets from the contextMenu example

RF-11893 Increment version number to 4.2.0-SNAPSHOT

RF-11877 Upgrade Servlets API to 3.0 in BOM

RF-11824: rich:hotKey - add option to prevent default event handling

RF-11851: rich:hotKey - add support for onkeypress, onkeydown and onkeyup

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Merge branch 'feature/productization-changes' into develop

RF-11666: removing version.richfaces variable (left only in BOM)

removing version.richfaces variable (left only in BOM)

Fixed the popupPanel and the contextMenu in the menu