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replace examples with RF5 versions

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RF-12843: normaline line endings to unix

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RF-12204: aligned input-demo with simplification requirements

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RF-12204: Simplified input-demo

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Added a dev-example for the clientFilterFunction

RF-10948: Added a select example showing "selectitem" and "change" event listeners

RF-11316: Added some dev examples to verify the proper component-select behaviour

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reformatted resource files (RF-11020)

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RF-10785 merge from 4.0.X --> /trunk

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RF-10667: rich:select: missing attributes style, styleClass and title are fixed. Reviewed by Alex Kolonitsky.

RF-10164 select: inconsistency of usage arrow button and showPopup api method.

extend dema. Add ajax behavior.

add more items ))

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fix minor issues

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fix inplaceSelect; add select sample

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