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Merge branch 'master' into develop

[maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration

[maven-release-plugin] prepare release 13

cover initial execution of maven-cdk-plugin by plugin execution

added m2e lifecycle-mapping for maven-cdk-plugin

plugins from root parent

new development version: 13-SNAPSHOT

Merge branch 'release/richfaces-parent-12' into develop

Merge branch 'release/richfaces-parent-12'

bumped release version to 12

Merge branch 'feature/productization-changes' into develop

RF-11615: Upgrade to JBoss Parent version 8

RF-11794: Added mailingList entries to the pom.xml

RF-11666: finishing plugin version management for rest of modules

RF-11844: richfaces-parent: setup for local git release builds with maven-release-plugin

RF-11666: plugin management for CDK and build modules

RF-11835: Remove repositories and pluginRepositories sections from richfaces-parent

new development version: richfaces-parent:12-SNAPSHOT

Merge branch 'release/richfaces-parent-11' into develop

Merge branch 'release/richfaces-parent-11'

remove mave.min.version property overriding jboss-parent's one

preparing richfaces-parent-10 release

Merge branch 'feature/jboss-parent'

RF-11113: upgrade jboss-parent to version 6

Merge pull request #1 from lfryc/RF-11020

reformatted resource files (RF-11020)

reformatted resource files (RF-11020)

changed SCM settings to GitHub repositories

[maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration

[maven-release-plugin] prepare release richfaces-parent-10

Minor updates to richfaces-parent prior to release