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metamer: edt: added @clientRows to facelets without dataScroller and excluded this attributes in all other facelets

RF-12887 attribute useDefaultNode added to rich:tree

RichFaces version changed back to snapshot

[maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration

[maven-release-plugin] prepare release

RichFaces upgraded to 4.5.12

metamer: attachQueue: missing test for @requestDelay marked as @Unstable

qa: version of EAP 6.4 updated to 6.4.5

metamer: autocomplete: fixing namespace in reproducer for RF-11902 to work with JSF 2.1

testng-listeners: FailureLoggingTestListener: mark all lines containing 'org.richfaces' in staktrace

metamer: element visibility observer introduced

refactoring, not working

metamer: autocomplete: refactored reproducers and added test for RF-11902

metamer: autocomplete: added reproducer and test for RF-12948

metamer: calendar: TestCalendarModel: added stabilization wait time (RF-14110)

metamer: autocomplete: added @title attribute to Attributes, updated facelets and created test (RF-10642)

metamer: popupPanel: added test for RF-13139 and updated reproducer

metamer: calendar: fix description of dataModel example

metamer: facelet for RF-12114 fixed to work in a4j:region template

metamer: tests for @requestDelay and @queueId marked as @Unstable

metamer: tab: stabilizing test TestRF12108

metamer: fileUpload: progressFacet: tests and facelet refactored (RFPL-2263, RF-14206)

metamer: fileUpload: progressFacet: tests and sample refactored

metamer: fileUpload: progressFacet: added some alerts to @on* attributes of custom progressBar

increase file upload limit

metamer: chart: added reproducer for RF-14205

added test for 14199

added test for 14199

metamer: calendar: added test for RF-14199

added test for 14199