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changing version to 4.3.1.CR1

RF-12784: Showcase readme - deployment from Eclipse

Added information for successful deployment from Eclipse.

Merge branch 'release/4.3.0.Final'

Merge branch 'release/4.3.0.Final' into develop

bumping version to 4.3.1-SNAPSHOT

changing version to 4.3.0.Final

changing versions back to development: 4.3.0-SNAPSHOT

RF-12751: rich:notify set to be not escaped

Demos for rich:notify (notify attributes, stacking messages) have HTML

code in summaries. Therefore escape attribute was set to false.

changing version to 4.3.0.CR2

RF-12737: Focus - Preserve demo shows its benefits by re-rendering @form

RF-12741: Changed the Showcase to demonstrate the relationship between the rich:jQuery component the and EL function

changing versions back to development: 4.3.0-SNAPSHOT

changing version to 4.3.0.CR1

RF-12711: added sample for rich:jQuery EL function

marked components new in 4.3 in Demo navigation

changing version to 4.3.0.CR1

RF-12662: Updated the builtin filtering example to use custom filter conveter messages

RF-11067: switched customLayout sample to client mode

changing versions back to development: 4.3.0-SNAPSHOT

Merge branch 'release/4.3.0.M3' into develop

RF-12663: contextMenu tree sample has incorrectly defined icons

changing version to

Showcase updates to support builtin sorting and filtering

RF-12646: rich:focus demo exluced from mobile view

It will be excluded until it works on mobile environments properly.

RF-12640: Focus samples facelets renamed

Renamed to comply camel case convention used for all other samples.

RF-12438: Tree sample - incorrectly defined icons

RF-12445: Autocomplete sample - removed space as token

RF-12581: added release WAR artifact with myfaces classifier

JBoass typo in readme.txt

RF-12599: added sample for delayed Focus

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