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RF-11362 RF-11363: Created the showcase examples for the ordering and pick lists

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added missing staticResourceLocation params + added outputFileNameMapping which won't add JAR version suffix for openshift profile

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RF-11064: AS7 and Atmosphere 0.8.0-RC1 working with async servlets - AS6 and AS7 web.xml configurations diverged

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fixed AS6 JMS topic creation logic

RF-11451: Upgrade to Atmosphere 0.8.0-RC1 - atmosphere-ping exclusion not needed anymore

RF-11274: Added followByScroll="false" to the popupPanel markup

RF-11416: Specified IE=EmulateIE8 in the showcase page header

DemoNavigator: removing System.out output for debugging purposes

RF-11156: a4j:push Performance problem in CDI sample of push in showcase - limit maximum number of opened windows to 5

moved application-specific resuorces from h:head to h:body with target=head to be loaded after all component resources

maven-war-plugin, release profile: add targetPath to resources to copy them on valid location

RF-11439: Added the pom.xml manifestEntries for the JBoss controller-client

Merge branch 'feature/mobile' into develop

Added device detection

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Defined a jrebel profile, containing the jRebel plugin configuration

Set the MANIFEST.MF Dependencies entries to get push working with AS7

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remove hidden all component loading hack

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Merge branch 'feature/mobile' of into feature/mobile

removed NULL skin from generation since it is no longer necessary

Merge branch 'feature/mobile' of into feature/mobile

fix back button ux

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Added the org.richfaces.staticResourceLocation context param to the web.xml

Deleted the Stylesheet and Script Renderers

better sample page content styling

maven copies generated-resources to war/static-resources

Replaced the jboss-as-controller-client dependency with a manifest entry to expose the module in AS7

mobile skin and fixes - RF-10875, RF-10876, RF-10892, RF-10871, RF-10891

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mobile skin - in progress

back to bluesky default

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change skin to default