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SAVARA-339 - provide support for transformation to/from JSON

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Remove unnecessary test files from separated BPMN2 bundles

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SAVARA-338 Separate BPMN2 model into separate artifact, to enable it to be used independent of the parser/generator etc

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Revert to snapshot

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Version 2.1.0.M1

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Fixed issue where some parts of aggregated model were being ignored due to premature deletion of the branch

SAVARA-336 Initial handling of alternate paths after the repetition. Need to also handle alternatives inside repetition

SAVARA-335 - aggregate local repeat constructs into the global model

Add repetition aggregation example

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SAVARA-334 fixed default namespace prefix when parsing a BPMN2 choreography that uses the default namespace

SAVARA-333 generate BPMN2 choreo import elements regardless of whether location is specified

SAVARA-332 - added prefix to the Type information

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SAVARA-332 - added Type annotation on the protocol

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SAVARA-330 - define interface details when deriving local and global protocols from scenarios

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SAVARA-329 - added request/response correlation annotations when deriving protocols from scenarios

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SAVARA-322 added tests for both message based and service invocation styles of BPMN2 process model generation

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Adjustment to cater for appending faultname to op name in scribble interactions

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SAVARA-323 fix failing tests, due to combination of op and fault name in scribble operator field, to distinguish it from other response fault variations

SAVARA-322 provide option for generating synchronous invokes, in a BPMN2 process model, using a service task instead of individual send/receive tasks

SAVARA-319 CDL parser sets the 'from' role

SAVARA-316 append fault name to operation name, to enable the fault interaction to be distinguished from the normal response interaction in a choice

SAVARA-314 top level role parameter derived from first introduces statement in CDM parser

SAVARA-313 fix ordering of introduce statements when multiple generated

Recorded URI for the source component

SAVARA-154 simplifying error messages to make easier to view in simulation log

SAVARA-154 Ensure errors detected during protocol model parsing, projection or export to monitor description cause the role initialization to fail

SAVARA-154 - updated to reflect role initialization status on the scenario diagram

SAVARA-306 refactored Java generation into separate bundle to share between SCA and switchyard components

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SAVARA-305 sorted out order related processing issue, added factories, and further test cases

SAVARA-305 Add conversion of scenario into a set of local protocol models, each representing the message trace of a particular role in the scenario. This creates a canonical representation of the message trace for use in the aggregation algorithm.