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SAVARA-355 User can now specify the namespace associated with the derived architecture/process models

SAVARA-347 - carry xsd location from derived choreographies for use in generating other artifacts

SAVARA-354 - now supports fault paths. Main outstanding part is the transformers need to be manually specified - this could be autogenerated as part of the switchyard app generation, or implicitly registered as part of the simulator - the approach may depend on what works best when deploying the actual switchyard app

SAVARA-353 - called element id now initialized when generating a BPMN2 process with called sub-process.

Now possible to invoke switchyard service (java) generation from runtime workbench

Further changes required for SAVARA-354 - switchyard simulator

SAVARA-354 - provide switchyard role simulator. This is the initial version, that currently requires explicit transformers to be defined, and does not yet handle WSDL fault paths, as further needs to be done in switchyard

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SAVARA-350 aggregation was due to missing role on decision making choice, and missing 'client' role endpoint behaviour which acted as the initiating participant - so needed to understand which is the client role, and if not provided, then interactions with that client role needs to be handled without the sender and receiver being present

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SAVARA-352 switched to Scribble snapshot to include npe fix for SCRIBBLE-143

Switch to using m2e

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SAVARA-249 - BPEL parser now includes the 'introduces' statements. SAVARA-248 - Generate BPMN2 choreography from multiple endpoint models

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SAVARA-345 - refactored and updated code for relocating the 'introduces' statements within a parsed global protocol, to cope with the case where the role's behaviour is located in a sub-protocol

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SAVARA-342 - add component definition to Java bean switchyard descriptor

Update pom to remove unnecessary dependencies and use property for jackson version

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SAVARA-339 - provide support for transformation to/from JSON

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Remove unnecessary test files from separated BPMN2 bundles

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SAVARA-338 Separate BPMN2 model into separate artifact, to enable it to be used independent of the parser/generator etc

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Revert to snapshot

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Version 2.1.0.M1

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Fixed issue where some parts of aggregated model were being ignored due to premature deletion of the branch

SAVARA-336 Initial handling of alternate paths after the repetition. Need to also handle alternatives inside repetition

SAVARA-335 - aggregate local repeat constructs into the global model

Add repetition aggregation example

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SAVARA-334 fixed default namespace prefix when parsing a BPMN2 choreography that uses the default namespace

SAVARA-333 generate BPMN2 choreo import elements regardless of whether location is specified

SAVARA-332 - added prefix to the Type information

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SAVARA-332 - added Type annotation on the protocol

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SAVARA-330 - define interface details when deriving local and global protocols from scenarios

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SAVARA-329 - added request/response correlation annotations when deriving protocols from scenarios

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SAVARA-322 added tests for both message based and service invocation styles of BPMN2 process model generation

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