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SAVARA-396 and SAVARA-397 Derived choreography now has correct operation names, derived as choreo built rather than using separate utility. Different operations can now be used to indicate difference between two way sync, and one way req with callback.

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SAVARA-390 Don't generate bpmn2 import element if location is not available

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Update to 2.2.2.Final and fix SAVARA-385 and SAVARA-384

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SAVARA-378 Sorted out BPMN2 xml generation so that the namespace declarations are associated with the top level definition, to avoid default namespace issues in the BPMN2 modeller

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Fix issues with generated BPMN2 use in modeler

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SAVARA-333 generate BPMN2 choreo import elements regardless of whether location is specified

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SAVARA-183 add support for generating multiple choreography models based on a global protocol with nested protocols

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SAVARA-304 - fix stack overflow during deriving service interface on BPMN2 choreography model with repetition

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