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SAVARA-345 - refactored and updated code for relocating the 'introduces' statements within a parsed global protocol, to cope with the case where the role's behaviour is located in a sub-protocol

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Update tests with protocol annotation and fix npe in annotation when null value for property

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SAVARA-290 - Consolidation of Interface and Namespace annotations in protocol representation as well as some fixes in the way that qnames are handled in the generated BPMN2 models

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Generate participant specific namespace for the contracts, used when generating wsdl, and include xsd location to allow project generation to include the files

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Update testcases based on BPMN2 choreo with interfaces and target namespace, and get wsdl generator to report error when no target namespace

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SAVARA-274 fix namespace problem with parsed protocol from a BPMN2 choreography model

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Detect roles and create contract interface correctly from BPMN2.

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Restructure tests to cater for future bi-directional parse/generate from bpmn2 protocol to choreo

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