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SAVARA-379 Added xjc binding file to force it to create elements with XmlRootElement annotation

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Remove OSGI bundle activators

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Updates required to support switchyard 0.6

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Update the test example based on the latest generation (including fault transformer) and fix message validation to also check the element name

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SAVARA-354 - now supports fault paths. Main outstanding part is the transformers need to be manually specified - this could be autogenerated as part of the switchyard app generation, or implicitly registered as part of the simulator - the approach may depend on what works best when deploying the actual switchyard app

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Now possible to invoke switchyard service (java) generation from runtime workbench

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Further changes required for SAVARA-354 - switchyard simulator

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SAVARA-354 - provide switchyard role simulator. This is the initial version, that currently requires explicit transformers to be defined, and does not yet handle WSDL fault paths, as further needs to be done in switchyard

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