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Update to 2.0.0.M5

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Update switchyard descriptor generation to use new soap-binding configuration format

Don't generate an import statement for the client roles

Re-enable protocol to contract tests

SAVARA-259 Initial support for switchyard bpel project generation - need more tests

Refactored some of the bpel and wsdl generation functionality from eclipse tools into core in support of SAVARA-259

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SAVARA-259 Added core capability to create the switchyard descriptor for a BPEL component based project

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SAVARA-257 upgrade to latest scribble

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Fixed test

* separate the activity raw xml into a table, which is different from the derived information table.

* updated the persistence layer for updated Activity Model.

* rename the packge from astore to store.

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SAVARA-255 - need to investigate how best to analyser a cdm choreography when no message body provided. Initial testcase, but still further work to be done

SAVARA-254 associated derived correlations info from CDM validation with activity event

SAVARA-253 implemented unit tests for CDM based ActivityAnalyser implementation

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Refactored to remove separate validator, rename cdm validator to analyser and update some of the bundle names to be more consistent

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SAVARA-252 - added id back in, as need a way to reference the original activity event from other tables that store analysis information

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Merge branch 'SAVARA-252'

SAVARA-252 refactored activity schema

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Return version to snapshot

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Merge branch 'master' of into objectiser-master

Update documentation

Update to 2 M4

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Uncomment tests that now work

Add skeleton for dev guide

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Merge branch 'SAVARA-246'

SAVARA-246 - change description from attribute to element on scenario model

Fixed blocking test

Fix node status change loss issue but improving synchronisation of processed status within start/end boundary - only receiving requests an issue at the moment

Update image size and comment