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Remove staging repo and include eclipse bpel.common feature to deal with new dependency

Merge branch 'master' of git://

Added more content to the choreography section

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Include savara-core staging repo

Remove scribble staging repo

Merge branch 'master' of into objectiser-master

Fix sca issue

Merge branch 'master' of into objectiser-master

Apply temporary fix to allow SCA composite to be located on classpath

Update version to 2.0.0.CR1

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Fix BPEL facet id

Define a separate incubator feature and move the SCA and CDL plugins into it

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Add content to the Eclipse User Guide

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Fix issue with using simulator as external process, to ensure that parsers and role simulators are correctly initialised

Fix issue with updating model role when simulator changes

SAVARA-280 - changed plugin name for protocol simulator

SAVARA-280 update related to using scribble protocols for simulation

Fixed classpath

Only project if not a located model, and if located check that consistent role

Determine service/contract action enable/disable based on availability of parser

SAVARA-277 show error when no roles/protocol model, but if local model, use located role for generation

Change bpmn2 generation suffix

JBIDE-8997 Update copyright year

Use new classloader variant of BPMN2 serialize method.

Add JAXB RI impl to overcome JDK6 when serializing an object model, where it ignores namespace prefixes, and sets the default target namespace to the BPMN2 URI - which causes the BPMN2 modeller problems

Update the scribble version

SAVARA-273 - add support for generating service interfaces within a BPMN2 choreography model

Generate service/contract menu items for bpmn(2) files

Update scribble version

Fix incorrect class reference