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SAVARA-378 Sorted out BPMN2 xml generation so that the namespace declarations are associated with the top level definition, to avoid default namespace issues in the BPMN2 modeller

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Change way plugins are activated and referenced

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Change to use scribble and savara core as contained jars rather than separate OSGi bundles

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SAVARA-365 Added capability to specify the location where derived choreo and process models should be generated to

SAVARA-355 User can now specify the namespace associated with the derived architecture/process models

SAVARA-347 - carry xsd location from derived choreographies for use in generating other artifacts

Move java and resources into src/main folder

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SAVARA-249 - BPEL parser now includes the 'introduces' statements. SAVARA-248 - Generate BPMN2 choreography from multiple endpoint models

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SAVARA-322 Added bpmn2 generate property to determine whether to use message or service invocation based style

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SAVARA-305 add menu item to invoke creation of BPMN2 choreography and service designs

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SAVARA-302 - change ModelGenerator API to support future requirement for returning multiple models from a single source

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Only project if not a located model, and if located check that consistent role

Change bpmn2 generation suffix

Use new classloader variant of BPMN2 serialize method.

Add JAXB RI impl to overcome JDK6 when serializing an object model, where it ignores namespace prefixes, and sets the default target namespace to the BPMN2 URI - which causes the BPMN2 modeller problems

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SAVARA-273 - add support for generating service interfaces within a BPMN2 choreography model

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SAVARA-261 Fixed access for messages in property file

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SAVARA-257 Update to latest scribble protocol models and APIs

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Added generation/service support for BPMN2 Process

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