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Enable bundles associated with role simulators and/or protocol parsers to be registered, so can be used when launching the simulator

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Change way plugins are activated and referenced

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Change to use scribble and savara core as contained jars rather than separate OSGi bundles

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SAVARA-363 - if message file has content, and the type field is not set, then try to obtain the type from the content

SAVARA-363 Add message file browser

Related to SAVARA-364, hide the 'fault' part of the message link text if the fault field is empty

Remove unnecessary debug

SAVARA-354 Added switchyard simulator, removed unnecessary features (jboss tools and switchyard) and also fixed some classpath issues with the launched simulator

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Update scenario designer images and fix missing configuration type in plugin.xml

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Move java and resources into src/main folder

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Remove old preferences page, as no longer required with new scenario editor

SAVARA-312 Initial work to trigger validation of protocols. Defined savara preferences and a validation property specifically to guard against unnecessary validation

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Remove commented out lines

SAVARA-154 Change simulation log to be html to enable errors to be displayed in red

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Add indication of error stream state in debug

SAVARA-154 Update to reflect role initialization status on the diagram

SAVARA-297 Add documentation for adding service interfaces to a BPMN2 choreography

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Fix sca issue

Apply temporary fix to allow SCA composite to be located on classpath

Fix issue with using simulator as external process, to ensure that parsers and role simulators are correctly initialised

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Fix issue with updating model role when simulator changes

SAVARA-280 - changed plugin name for protocol simulator

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SAVARA-280 update related to using scribble protocols for simulation

SAVARA-246 changed scenario description from attribute to element

SAVARA-245 - don't establish project refs on generation - just use role model as means of determining classpath

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Add simulation log back in

SAVARA-236 merge multiple java project output contents to avoid classpath conflicts

Add detection of jre problem, and fix simulation file problem

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SAVARA-231 - store simulation files and use to initialise the dialog when simulation next performed

Detect 'no simulator' events and reset the node