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Update version of switchyard generated in java project's pom.xml

SAVARA-386 Update to version 2.3.0-SNAPSHOT and switchyard version 1.1.0.Final

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Fix issues found in deployed environment

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SAVARA-379 Added xjc binding file to force it to create elements with XmlRootElement annotation

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SAVARA-381 Fix swyd wsdl generation

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Update switchyard version to 0.7.0.Final

Change way plugins are activated and referenced

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Separate switchyard simulation into separate plugin that does not have a dependency on the switchyard tools, to enable us to control which components and dependencies are included in the simulation

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Change to use scribble and savara core as contained jars rather than separate OSGi bundles

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SAVARA-358 Generate the transformer entries in the switchyard descriptor, and generate the fault transformation classes

SAVARA-356 Changed to use wsdl import

Update switchyard version and add soap component to generated pom

Move java and resources into src/main folder

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SAVARA-328 - ensure switchyard(java) generator is not in list, if the switchyard tools are not installed

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SAVARA-269 Create switchyard descriptor in correct location

SAVARA-269 Added initial support for Java switchyard bean service generation, and separated switchyard plugins into a separate feature, as now dependent upon the switchyard Eclipse tools

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SAVARA-295 initial version of switchyard java generation

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