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Update to scribble 2 M6

Merge branch 'SAVARA-240'

SAVARA-240 moved Eclipse user guide from core project

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SAVARA-239 don't generate references for client roles

Merge branch 'SAVARA-236'

SAVARA-236 merge multiple java project output contents to avoid classpath conflicts

Merge branch 'SAVARA-232'

Fixed out of bounds issue

Add references to service composite

Merge branch 'SAVARA-232'

Merge branch 'master' of git:// into SAVARA-232

Added feature to generate service composite with service details - still need to do references. Also detects jre issues and report in error view

Add detection of jre problem, and fix simulation file problem

Merge branch 'SAVARA-232'

Added SCA annotation API lib to generated project

SAVARA-232 initial SCA java generator and updates to the SCA simulator to cope with more complex parameter types

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Merge branch 'SAVARA-231'

SAVARA-231 - store simulation files and use to initialise the dialog when simulation next performed

Merge branch 'SAVARA-229'

Detect 'no simulator' events and reset the node

Fix Eclipse update site build to include SCA simulator

Added Java project classpath for each model to the launched simulator's classpath

SAVARA-229 now remote launching simulator with Java projects and classpaths included

Update to use modified role simulator interface

Merge branch 'SAVARA-229'

SAVARA-229 - Execute simulation using launch approach, to setup classpath with both role simulators and user's own Java code in Eclipse projects

Remove Helios repository

Fixed build issues

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Merge branch 'SAVARA-182'

Added generation/service support for BPMN2 Process

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