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don't run any incontainer tests by default

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custom bean name for SMPCs
JBSEAM-4536 - added context param org.jboss.jbossfaces.JSF_CONFIG_NAME for using JSF 1.2
JBSEAM-4691 - added workaround for JBoss AS 6 - use JSF 1.2 instead of default JSF 2
extended condition for ant version, which can be used
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fixed description in build.xml
JBSEAM-4573 - added new ant target jboss42 for deploying to JBoss AS 4.2
add brief readme

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use the jboss managed profile by default

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change tests to run in the intergration-tests phase and borrow upgraded MavenArtifactResolver from welx

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JBSEAM-4690 - stop processing updates if UIFileUpload is not rendered

move classes to API and improve javadoc

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Added sample applications for external authentication:

- openid-rp: OpenID Relying Party application

- saml-sp: SAMLv2 Service Provider application

- saml-idp: SAMLv2 Identity Provider application

  1. /modules/security/trunk/examples/openid-rp
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  2. /modules/security/trunk/examples/openid-rp/src
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add jboss repo
External authentication changes:

- Use servlets instead of servlet filters for OpenID and SAML endpoints.

- Created a single user shell around the multi user SAML API.

- Combined receiver/sender classes into services.

- Documented the SAML API/SPI classes.

- Added the SAML relayState.

- Fixed the unsolicited (IDP-initiated) login for the SAML Service Provider.

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fixed typos
JBSEAM-4470 fixed versions in ivy related files
JBSEAM-4470 fixed versions in ivy related files
JBSEAM-4560 fixed name in build.xml
disabled remoting ref guide for now

fire event when SMPC is created

enabled transaction interceptor, fixed ModelHandler.processApplyRequest() - stupid semicolon ;-/


change to how the em is closed


change the way the entity manager is closed