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changed version to 2.3.0.Final prior tagging
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renamed examples-ee6 to examples
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removed deprecated repository profile
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cleaned empty directories from SVN
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update DBJUnitSeamTest documentation

JBSEAM-5038 added propagation of conversation Id in save/update of referenced entities
JBSEAM-4878 replaced "may" with "has to"
update migration guide SeamTest section

JBSEAM-5042 fixed comment in build.xml
JBSEAM-4878 added migration guide
JBSEAM-5039 some additional fixes for styled generated pages
JBSEAM-5039 replaced RF class style names with correct ones and RF colapsible panel change
fixed restart command if deployment exists
JBSEAM-5040 fixed IDE errors
added another image for the documentation
added more dependency information
added module dependency information
fixed jndi for EM factory
fixed some text for intro page
JBSEAM-5039 fixed loading of css styles through h:outputStylesheet
JBSEAM-4978 - upgraded hibernate-tools to 4.0.0-CR1 - official


added images to migration doc
rearranged items
added ear content to migration guide
JBSEAM-5034 disabling for now ant test
update MailTest not to use SeamTest

JBSEAM-5034 removed duplicated entries for lucene-core and resteasy-atom-provider
JBSEAM-5034 fixed classpath file for eclipse
added migration guide