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JBPAPP-4013 - fixed javascript error in MS IE8
added maven2-brew repository into CI settings
deleted wicket schema
changed eclipse project settings
correcting versions of dependencies
start implementing methods


relationship creation
start implementing IdentityStore API methods
added maven2-brew repository as mirrored
Moved Drools to 5.1.0.M2
replace residual references to SNAPSHOT with 3.0.0.Alpha1

upgraded resteasy to 1.2.1.GA, jboss-embedded beta3.SP13, hibernate's
Initial commit of seam-resteasy.
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  1. /modules/resteasy/trunk/api/src/main/java
  2. /modules/resteasy/trunk/api/src/main/java/org
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JBPAPP-3818 - changed JBoss Tools to JBDS
use picketlink identitystore api

Merged revisions 13058-13059,13065 via svnmerge from



r13058 | pete.muir@jboss.org | 2010-06-04 15:22:58 -0600 (Fri, 04 Jun 2010) | 1 line

create a source distro for the ref guide


r13059 | pete.muir@jboss.org | 2010-06-04 15:25:16 -0600 (Fri, 04 Jun 2010) | 1 line



r13065 | pete.muir@jboss.org | 2010-06-04 16:23:53 -0600 (Fri, 04 Jun 2010) | 1 line

namespace conflicting ids


Initialized merge tracking via "svnmerge" with revisions "1-13056" from


I got a little help, still not there yet though
oops, have to scan for a dedicated attribute entity also

attribute configuration

allow credentials to be annotated multiple ways

relationship configuration, cleanup

shane's bugs
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Initial checkin of exception handling code.

Main blocker right now is determining how to find the handler classes.

Secondary blocker is creating tests :)

add docs to dist
don't trigger javadoc error!
add docs
namespace conflicting ids