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removed old api
JBPAPP-3985, JBPAPP-3713 modified AuthenticationFilter and ContextualHttpServletRequest
change implementaion of the default SeamTransaction bean

upgrade of selenium-server a client to 1.0.3 and 1.0.2
fix compile errors


update variable names

minor distribution fixes

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move docs dir

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role management

created user role detail view

JBPAPP-4279 fixed functional test
rename UserTransaction to SeamTransaction and add DefaultTransaction qualifier

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auto column widths

max used ranges for worksheets

created branch for JBPAPP-4717
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workbook settings

splitting up writer interface into process and write

clean up managed persistence context implementation

change implementation of managed persistence context, update tests

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add infrastructure for user role management (implementation not complete yet)

constant factory lazy loading

start of worksheet and workbook settings

moving stuff

merge cells command

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removed transaction events, they were not documented in seam 2 and cannot really be made to work reliably

added change password view

implement updateCredential()

implement identity attribute search, fixed NPE

Updated formatting to match the community one.
constant-factory tests