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more CSS parsing
add report as spam button, added spam report to admin screen

removed some useless things. semicolon and unused suppresswarning
dump of the (untested) css port/strip from Seam 2
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update poms to put back ee dependency

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fix build

removed dep on ee api

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update to latest weld-extensions

inital attempt an inline beans, needs cleanup

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replace assert with Assert.assertTrue

update to work with latest weldx

update maven artifact resolver so that version numbers are inferred from the pom

JBPAPP-4296 Fixed Seamdiscs ftest failing in Internet Explorer.
removed old api
JBPAPP-3985, JBPAPP-3713 modified AuthenticationFilter and ContextualHttpServletRequest
change implementaion of the default SeamTransaction bean

upgrade of selenium-server a client to 1.0.3 and 1.0.2
fix compile errors


update variable names

minor distribution fixes

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move docs dir

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role management

created user role detail view