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Fixed seamdiscs functional tests failing in Internet Explorer on Windows.
@TransactionAttribute now works on managed beans

more spam report enhancements, preparation for user nuke feature

update tests and NPE fix

change implementation of transaction interceptor to allow overriding transaction type on methods

created tag for EAP 5.1 CR2
JBPAPP-4569 - excluded old hibernate dependency from jbpm3
upgraded hibernate deps and other EAP 5.1 upgrades for CR2 - JBPAPP-4699
more CSS parsing
add report as spam button, added spam report to admin screen

removed some useless things. semicolon and unused suppresswarning
dump of the (untested) css port/strip from Seam 2
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update poms to put back ee dependency

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fix build

removed dep on ee api

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update to latest weld-extensions

inital attempt an inline beans, needs cleanup

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replace assert with Assert.assertTrue

update to work with latest weldx

update maven artifact resolver so that version numbers are inferred from the pom

JBPAPP-4296 Fixed Seamdiscs ftest failing in Internet Explorer.
removed old api
JBPAPP-3985, JBPAPP-3713 modified AuthenticationFilter and ContextualHttpServletRequest
change implementaion of the default SeamTransaction bean

upgrade of selenium-server a client to 1.0.3 and 1.0.2