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updated parent to version 3. added new profile
update to jboss repo
update to jboss repo
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update to jboss repo
[maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
[maven-scm] copy for tag seam-parent-3
[maven-release-plugin] prepare release seam-parent-3
update to jboss repo
External authentication functionality (OpenID/SAMLv2), ported from the PicketLink Seam module. Not functional yet, and not integrated with the rest of the Seam Security module, but it compiles.
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Fields & Field Annotations are working - however, field addition is not.
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added test dependency on servlet api to allow the use of a released version of weldx

fixed princess-resuce example

fix beans.xml

update seam-xml docs to cover inline beans and el

improve el support and add tests for the collection case

port more stuff from seam 2, it compiles but needs to be tested

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Refactored tests to reduce test-duplication
Class and Method level annotations are functioning. API has been completely encapsulated via interfaces. Unfortunately, this is not a true contract because the implementation requires internal knowledge of itself, and hence will not function with user-supplied implementations of interfaces. To be fixed later... maybe.
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SEAMJMS-2: Created tests for @Resource injection of destinations
SEAMJMS-1: Fixed implementation for JmsSessionSelector.
update managed persistence context implementation

wiki enhancements

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minor refactoring

move SeamApplicationException tp API

add seam version of ApplicationException

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Updated Arquillian to 1.0.0-Alpha3. Added jbossas-remote-6 and jbossas-managed-6 profiles, updated for JBoss AS 6 M4 with HornetQ. Started work on SEAMJMS-1.
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update distribution

error checking for inline bean definitions

update pom

add ability to use EL in seam-xml

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