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JBSEAM-4470 fixed versions in ivy related files
JBSEAM-4470 fixed versions in ivy related files
JBSEAM-4560 fixed name in build.xml
disabled remoting ref guide for now

fire event when SMPC is created

enabled transaction interceptor, fixed ModelHandler.processApplyRequest() - stupid semicolon ;-/


change to how the em is closed


change the way the entity manager is closed

JBSEAM-4560 added new ant target only for jboss 4.2.x
address changes should be cascaded

fix compiler/deployment/runtime exceptions, code cleanup

JBPAPP-4970 - added exclusion of hsqldb

add section on virtual producer fields

refactor SMPC proxy handler

rename PersistenceContextExtension


move SeamPersistenceProvider to API

change persistence providers to use a ServiceLoader approach

allow for programatic configuration of the SMPC in a non EE environment

update flush mode test

JBSEAM-4649 JBSEAM-4700 Fix issues with Hibernate Search 3.2 and AS 6 (incorrect discovery sequence and double proxying leading to exceptions)
add ability to set the default flush mode for the SMPC

hibernate search integration

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refactor the SMPC implementation

refactor property xml items to use PropertyQuery

virtual producer fields, still needs more work