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Minor changes in functional tests.
Minor changes in functional tests.
Fix hot deployment test for static resources.
Suppress Selenium throwing exception on 404 to retain backward compatibility.
Fix functional tests for groovybooking example
upgraded drools to 5.1.1
use more modern schema
more modern parent
upgrade to released snapshot
JBPAPP-5015 fixed jta.jar link

add warning to SePersistenceContextExtension

SEAMPERSIST-9 Allow SMPC to be defined using @Resource

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switch to jboss repo
SEAMSERVLET-10, and gracefully degrade if BeanManager is not available
Use new jboss42 ant targets properly in ftests
add start of managed hibernate managed sessions

refactor test structure into multi module configuration

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set bean class appropriately for producers
fix readme
skip tests by default
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don't run any incontainer tests by default

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custom bean name for SMPCs
JBSEAM-4536 - added context param org.jboss.jbossfaces.JSF_CONFIG_NAME for using JSF 1.2
JBSEAM-4691 - added workaround for JBoss AS 6 - use JSF 1.2 instead of default JSF 2
extended condition for ant version, which can be used
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fixed description in build.xml