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JBPAPP-8465 removed cglib reference again
JBPAPP-9391 enabled interleavingFactories test and disabled sameFactoryLock test
JBPAPP-9391 locking on factoryMethod to reduce deadlock possibility
JBSEAM-3138 fixed for updated integration test
JBPAPP-8159 second fixing attempt after extended testcase
JBSEAM-4987 second attempt to fix doc issues
JBPAPP-8159 update PrecedenceComponentTest to verify default values behavior

JBSEAM-3138 update PrecedenceComponentTest to verify default values behavior

FactoryLockTest update with test for JBSEAM-5001

JBPAPP-8042 - upgraded jbpm-jpdl to the latest 3.2.11.SP2
JBPAPP-8159 fixed Component precedence init
update FactoryLockTest re JBPAPP-9391 regression

use SESSION scope in FactoryLockTest, as that case is much more interesting.

JBSEAM-3138 fixed Initialization and added isolated components-precedence.xml
JBSEAM-3138 take precedence in count if there is property definition in components.xml
replaced openid-consumer with all direct deps
JBPAPP-7520 default hsqldb driver is available in jboss-as directory
rewrite PageScopedUIIncludeTest to use plain htmlunit, so we don't need drone in integration-tests

Add a test for JBSEAM-5002

JBPAPP-8465 forgotten reference to cglib.jar
JBPAPP-7381 changed CLIENT to SERVER jsf save method
applied patch from Brew, do not build refdoc in dist target
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JBPAPP-8465 cglib and asm are required only for seam-gen, moved to lib/gen and examples are cglib free now
JBPAPP-7618 back to APPLICATION scope and added impl of serializable
added shaded sources install
updated to available snapshot of HTools 4.0.0-SNAPSHOT
upgrade to hibernate-tools 4.0.0
JBPAPP-8322 added lookup for AS7 JNDI UserTransaction
JBPAPP-7373 upgraded spring to 2.5.6.SEC03
first changes to documentation JBSEAM-4987