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updated ear.
Added p
updated seam BOM to jboss-javaee-with-hibernate 1.0.0.Final
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fixed wrong directory and file permissions for doc subdirectories
update groovybooking ftest properties

add a few delays to the seambay webservices webdriver test

ignore FactoryLockTest seamSynchronizedFactoryLock test

disable known test failures

remove jboss-seam-ui from the SeamTest tests

rename SessionScopedOutjectionOverwriteTest beans to avoid name conflict with other tests

JBSEAM-4976 fix RestoreViewComponentAccessTest

commented cleaning of jar-dependencies directory
disable RestoreViewComponentAccessTest, it is broken

JBSEAM-5019 upgraded to 3.1 icefaces
JBSEAM-5019 fixed debug.xhtml template to comply with JSF h:head and


JBSEAM-5019 reworked icefaces example
fixed jee6 integration test deployment JBSEAM-5003
Undoing last commit (15069), JBSEAM-5021 fixed with commit 15068
integration tests EJB cannot be inner classes.

JBSEAM-4966 don't let calling equals on ourselves make us dirty

Test for JBSEAM-5020


- JBSEAM-5017

- Richfaces removed due to integration problems with trinidad.