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added module dependency information
fixed jndi for EM factory
fixed some text for intro page
JBSEAM-5039 fixed loading of css styles through h:outputStylesheet
JBSEAM-4978 - upgraded hibernate-tools to 4.0.0-CR1 - official


added images to migration doc
rearranged items
added ear content to migration guide
JBSEAM-5034 disabling for now ant test
update MailTest not to use SeamTest

JBSEAM-5034 removed duplicated entries for lucene-core and resteasy-atom-provider
JBSEAM-5034 fixed classpath file for eclipse
added migration guide
JBSEAM-4693 documentation addition for Seam exception handling
JBSEAM-5023 fixed readme
JBSEAM-5032 - set a:log in template.xhtml to popup mode from

default inline mode

JBSEAM-5028 removed jboss-seam-jul
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JBSEAM-4901 added option for maven-jdocbook-plugin to allow non-english utf8 letters
JBSEAM-5023 more additions
enhanced ARQ test generation in seam-gen JBSEAM-5023
JBSEAM-4876 using JPA 2 criteriaAPI and getSingleResult in JPA Booking
JBSEAM-5029 fixed typos in migration guide text
JBSEAM-4925 removed a space
JBSEAM-4925 fixed broken links in doc
JBSEAM-5027 Sabotage Mojarra initialization in MockSeamListener by removing the com.sun.faces.facesInitializerMappingsAdded attribute

bom: upgrade commons-lang to 2.6
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