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update Selenium

small change in seambay ftest
Adding a test for exception redirect messages to the dvdstore ftest.

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execute seamdiscs functional tests when testall is triggered
JBSEAM-4771, fix failover cluster test for booking for JBossAS 6
fix jee5-booking ftest for jboss6
fix seambay functional test so that it functions with jbossAS6
default values for jboss as containers ftest
add a reference to properties file
JBSEAM-4769 ftest modified for jboss6
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JBSEAM-4767, fix functional testsuite to run webdriver tests for jboss6
enabled functional tests for the jee5 example on jboss6
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JBSEAM-4734 separate functional testsuite for JBoss AS 6
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Changed the way the xml is parsed and updated. Fixed the skipped method counter. Improved the structure of the code for it to be more readable.
JBQA-3275: Fixed bugs regarding relative paths, failure counting and other minor fixes in the Groovy script.
JBQA-3275 Fixed how the ftest-output xml files are located. More related minor improvements.
JBQA-3275 Minor classpath fix.
JBQA-3275 Minor changes and quick bug fixes.
Solution for JBQA-3275.
JBSEAM-4709, func test for resource download link
Minor changes in functional tests.
Fix hot deployment test for static resources.
Suppress Selenium throwing exception on 404 to retain backward compatibility.
Fix functional tests for groovybooking example
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Use new jboss42 ant targets properly in ftests
JBSEAM-4573 - added new ant target jboss42 for deploying to JBoss AS 4.2
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