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JBSEAM-5051 doc issues
set version string to 2.3.1-SNAPSHOT
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renamed examples-ee6 to examples
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update DBJUnitSeamTest documentation

JBSEAM-4878 replaced "may" with "has to"
update migration guide SeamTest section

JBSEAM-4878 added migration guide
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JBSEAM-4693 documentation addition for Seam exception handling
JBSEAM-4925 removed a space
JBSEAM-4925 fixed broken links in doc
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JBSEAM-3857 added warning about SMPC and manual flush mode
JBSEAM-4856 added doc for initialize-in-order requirement when multiple modules
JBSEAM-4955 added seam-cdk-helper
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JBSEAM-5013 webservices updated
JBSEAM-5008 documentation issues
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upgraded Drools to 5.3.3.Final
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documenting JBSEAM-4943
JBSEAM-5006 documentation note about change for @Synchronized and SFSB
JBSEAM-4987 second attempt to fix doc issues
first changes to documentation JBSEAM-4987
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JBSEAM-4955 additional fix in example usage
JBSEAM-4955 updated documentation for s custom converter and validator tags
Merge branch 'validation-plugin' into development
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testing docs cleanup, remove the "still under development" note.