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fixing the CI build settings.xml too
added pluginRepository to be able build seam-ui with RF CDK maven plugin
updated version to 2.2.7.EAP5
upgraded jbosscache to 3.2.11.GA
excluded hsqldb from jbpm tree
updated Jgroups to 2.6.22.Final
JBPAPP-9839, JBPAPP-9336 upgrade javassist to 3.12.0.SP1
JBPAPP-8042 upgraded to 3.2.12
reverted upgrade of javassist 3.12.0.GA to 3.16.0.GA
fixed resteasy-jettison-provider wrong dependency hierarchy by adding jettison into resteasy module
JBPAPP-9336 upgraded javassist to align with EAP5
aligned hibernate libs to EAP's - forgot hibernate-annotations
JBPAPP-7354 JBoss Cache upgrade and JBPAPP-7463 upgrade of jgroups
JBPAPP-8915 update Drools to 5.1.0.BRMS-jdk7
switched from public to developer repository
aligned hibernate libs to EAP's
JBPAPP-8042 - upgraded jbpm-jpdl to the latest 3.2.11.SP2
replaced openid-consumer with all direct deps
JBPAPP-8465 cglib and asm are required only for seam-gen, moved to lib/gen and examples are cglib free now
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added shaded sources install
JBPAPP-7373 upgraded spring to 2.5.6.SEC03
reverting commit done by mistake
JBPAPP-7183 backed port fix for ClientUidSelector
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raised patch number in Version string
JBPAPP-7091 changed jsf-* version to patch-01
rolling back of jsf version for fixing CI build for now
JBPAPP-6638 - upgraded maven-ant-tasks.jar from snapshot to final version