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small change in seambay ftest
Adding a test for exception redirect messages to the dvdstore ftest.

JBPAPP-6342, fix dependencies for functional testsuite
add slink test for booking in cluster
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JBPAPP-4296 Fixed Seamdiscs ftest failing in Internet Explorer.
JBPAPP-4279 fixed functional test
JBPAPP-4258 excel test fixed so that it will not contains special characters causing problems on windows
Check if the server is actually started
upgraded used selenium artifacts - current doesn't work with firefox 3.6.3
JBPAPP-4500, minor change
JBPAPP-4500, backport of functional test for nested booking - nested conversations
correcting versions of dependencies
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Backported support for container management during functional test execution.
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JBQA-2922 Create a functional test for mail example
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  1. ./tasks/src/org/jboss/seam/example/tasks/test
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JBPAPP-3348 the test now needs only jboss5.home to be set
JBPAPP-3348 created automated test for booking example in cluster environment
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modified check of person connected
increased timeout before alert
modified check of messages
fixed waiting time
fixed joystickSellingTest, findAuctionsTest for hudson jobs
JBPAPP-2887 backported changes to Seam functional testsuite
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JBPAPP-2849 Added functionality for making screenshots and storing html source of seam examples tested by functional tests that fail
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JBPAPP-2822 Added a functional test for seam chatroom example
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JBPAPP-2812 Fixed functional test of UI example